We’ve wondered what our favourite celebrities would be like as our classmates, therapists and co-workers. So with the 2023 presidential elections less than 24 hours away, it’s time to reimagine them as presidents. 

Reminder: Before your fave celebrity runs for president, remember to vote for the real-life candidates at tomorrow’s polls. 

Pete Edochie 

The no-nonsense president, he’d make strict policies based on life “back in the days”, and we’d have no choice but to follow them. If we don’t, he’d stress us with one parable after another until we’re frustrated. Chiwetalu Agu would be on board as his Vice President.

Osas Ighodaro 

Outside of being the finest president in the world, Osas would exchange boring Agbadas for Dye Lab boubous and custom Jewel By Lisa print dresses. As for her primary goal, based on her Joyful Joy Foundation, it’s clear she’d focus on strengthening Nigeria’s healthcare sector. 


If you think we didn’t see Buhari most times because he was focused on his travel blogging side hustle, get ready because with Wizkid as president, we’d only see him on Independence and Democracy days. Even though he’d spend 80% of his time airing us, he’d still set up an effective committee to do the work because, in the end, he has his Starboy rep to maintain. 

Ayra Starr

Nigeria’s first Gen Z president? Big slay. Best believe short skirts, crop tops and blonde hair would become our official uniform. Ayra would fight for world peace, ensure good vibes for all and prioritise mental health for the youth. She’d also let go of all the gragra titles that come with being president. No more MFR, OON, NTA, PWC. Just President Ayra. 

Burna Boy 

A country where the government gives you copious amounts of igbo and shayo every time you chop breakfast? Inject it, please. The only problem with a Burna Boy presidency is we won’t be able to correct him when he’s wrong. If you talk too much, President Burna would kick your head and insult you. 

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He’d put all of us in trouble by mocking the US military on Twitter until they launch nukes at Nigeria. But Blaqbonez would be an excellent commander of the Federal Republic with enough bling-bling to rival an American rapper. A swagged-up leader for sure. 

Patience Ozokwor 

Patience Ozokwor’s presidency would be the opposite of Ayra Starr’s. She’d make everyone dress appropriately and call her “Mummy President”. Every office in Nigeria would be mandated to do morning devotions, and she’d tell foreign leaders to “Fuck off” in a way that pleases God. 


Portable’s presidency would be chaotic AF because he’d turn Nigeria into a reality show. He’d call out ministers, governors and even the First Lady on his Instagram Live if they do anything wrong. But at least, he’d curb looting of funds with his callouts, and no one will be able to do anything about it because, like he’s said so many times, you can’t R.I.P him. 

Odunlade Adekola 

No one would take President Odunlade seriously, and that’s what he’d use to his advantage. Even though Odunlade would crack jokes and deliver memeable moments on most of his broadcasts, his tenure would bring improvement for Nigerians because he’d work with his conscience. A fun effective leader? I stan. 


No one knows how Tems would blow up and win the elections despite going against popular candidates, but she’d be so good at being president that we wouldn’t mind. Tems will be a stress-free president who wants to do her work and return to Aso rock to paint and sip wine. She’d also be the first president to wear sunglasses at every presidential event, from inauguration to handover. 

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