Just like with her music, Ayra Starr is a sabi girl when it comes to fashion. All her looks have the internet shaking and everyone taking screenshots for style inspiration.

With the release of Ayra’s  latest single, Sability, I caught up with her stylist, Pat Ada Eze, who also styles Ladipoe and Rema, for tips on how to be a sabi girl fashion killer like her muse. 

You need mini skirts the size of a leather belt from Yaba market 

The space between the hem of your skirt and your knees must be longer than the third mainland bridge. The goal is to show legs, so what’s the point of wearing a skirt that doesn’t have the word “mini” attached? Add 10 inches to an averaged sized belt, and you’ll get the appropriate length for a mini skirt. Thanks. 

Bralettes are a must in the sabi girl household 

It’s not a bra, it’s not a top, it’s somewhere in the middle, and it slaps. You can’t be a sabi girl and not have bralettes of different colours and styles? Please, dear, fix up. 

Nigeria is hot, but please, wear leather 

Dress for the weather of your dreams, not the weather you’re experiencing. Think of it as a manifestation technique. 

Long gloves because you’re British royalty, innit?

Cover your arms with gloves, so people don’t say you’re exposing your body. Sho get?

Carry yourself with the energy of a bad bitch 

A sabi girl is a bad bitch, and that’s on periodt. You need to step into every space like you’re the best thing since sliced bread. When in doubt, listen to Ayra’s Bridgertn or Sability

for some sabi girl ginger. 

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Set and follow trends at the same time 

People like to say the fashion icon title is reserved for people who set trends, but I’m here to tell you they’re detty liars who live fake lives. A true sabi girl should master being a trendsetter and a follower. The most important thing is to make that trend your own. 

Give the Euphoria girls a run for their money with your make-up 

If your make-up doesn’t look like you stepped out of the Euphoria set and left Maddie gagging, then girl, you’re not serious about this sabi girl lifestyle. Your face is a canvas, so create art with it. Be bold and experiment with your look. 

Wear big boots to step on your haters’ necks 

Ice Spice once said, “How can I lose when I’m already chose?” 

But I like to say, “How can your haters step on you when you’re already stepping on them?” Sis, it doesn’t matter whether it’s heels or wedges; just make sure your boots are making a major statement when you pull up. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles

Rihanna has never let her forehead stop her from being great, so sis, why should you? It doesn’t matter if you’ve already found the hair colour that works best for you. Sometimes, take risks with your hair and succeed. Look at Ayra; today, she has red pick and drop, but next week, it might be a blonde ponytail that’ll have Ariana Grande shaking. 

Be your true sabi girl self and have some fun

A sabi girl is not defined by fashion rules or society. You dress up for yourself and yourself alone. Play with fashion, find what works for you and reinvent your style as often as you want. You make your own rules, babes. Let them choke. 

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