Don’t even ask me what I was thinking when I came up with this article idea. Even me, I don’t know. But one generation of Nollywood has passed and we have to ask ourselves, where are the Nollywood OG items that made our childhoods?

Pete Edochie’s red cap

Bubu thinks he can deceive us by removing the cowries from Pete’s cap. As a people, we say no. Our eyes are wide open, and the days of deceit are over. That’s the exact same cap. And when you think of it, Pete Edochie is usually the wicked patriarch that wants doom for everyone around him. And Buhari — well… I didn’t say anything o. 

Rita Dominic’s afro wigs

Look, it’s the same wig. I don’t know how to explain what James Brown did to it, but I promise, it’s the same. Our queen couldn’t just retire those legendary wigs na. She had to pass them on. From one queen to another, purr. 

Jim Iyke’s suits

I don’t even know who is rocking these suits better. Is it Mr Steal-Your-Babe-and-Spit in-Your-Face-and-Then-Dump-Her Jim Iyke or the the king of slapstick comedy, Josh2funny? Either way, the real star of the show is the suits. They deserve a place in a museum somewhere. 

The diamond ring

Speaking of museums, someone should help us beg King Charles to return the diamond ring o. We can’t find it, and you know there’s only one place to look when looking for stolen artefacts na. Charlie boy, pls. The diamond is probably even in his crown.

Egg of life

They’ve put egg of life inside bread and eaten it o! This economy don touch everybody last last. Even egg of life no survive am. 

Eucharia Anunobi’s eyebrows

Can you spot the difference between Eucharia’s eyebrows and the swoosh on this Yaba made shoe? Don’t even try. There’s no difference. 

Dakore’s dreads

Cruel Santino thinks because he dyed the dreads black, we won’t know he got them from Dakore? Lol. We’ve been smart since JSS 2, please. 

Hanks Anuku’s sunglasses

Why do you think TG Omori has so many shades? Do you think he’s buying them? He inherited them from Uncle Anuku!

Iya Oshogbo’s goat

Like I said, the economy is HARD. 



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