While you are at home, social distancing and bored, there are a lot of Instagram comedians that are working hard to make you laugh. This list is a compilation of some that made us laugh too hard.

NB: This is not a definitive list.

1. This Taaooma’s skit about blocking your mother’s slap. Almost all Nigerian child can relate to it.

2. Maraji and her perfect depiction of what happens when a kissing scene comes up and you’re with your parents.

3. Yes, Lasisi’s “Siznu Chronicles” are hilarious, but have you seen this one about us lonely people?

4. This one time Mr. Macaroni went too far.

5. This family meeting between Twyse and Taaooma. A banger.

6. Josh2Funny, as always, a clown.

7. This one from Kenzy Udosen about witches in the Lord.

8. What are we going to do about Frank Donga, abeg?



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