Last night’s BBNaija saturday party was a vibe! The housemates came through with the right energy and they had a good time. We also got served a side of extra plot twists; new ships emerging and old ships entering new relationship stages.

If you missed it, here are a few posts that captured the drama.

1. The drip was on point

Housemates were dressed like characters from Bling Lagosians by Yomi Casual and MrsSandra O. Both designers understood the assignment.

2. The DJ however did not understand the assignment

zikoko- BBNaija party

3. Liquorose came through with all the energy as usual.

We’re drafting a petition for her to bottle and sell her energy because it is plenty.

4. After party shenanigans

Jaypaul finally got some action. Hopefully it will be enough to take home with him after the eviction this Sunday.

5. General Pere collected small dragging from his “bro”.

zikoko - BBNaija party

Bro’s over hoes? Not under Saga’s watch please.

6. The Jaskay ship finally saw some action.

zikoko - BBNaija party

7. And THIS happened.

zikoko - BBNaija party

The most anticipated show down of the season. Cross and Angel fans were pleased.

8. And a new ship was born.

We don’t know where this ship is headed but we’re closely watching because this content is bound to be lit.

9. In conclusion…

zikoko - BBNaija party

Proof that this life still never balance.

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