If you’ve been watching Big Brother Naija from the very first season then you would have noticed that with every season we see a housemate that acts exactly the same way a housemate from a previous season acted. It’s not particularly wrong but it makes the drama predictable and the content recycled. Thankfully, with the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye season, we got some housemates who came with brand new strategies and we love to see it.

1. Whitemoney

Whitemoney re-wrote the male lead script. He is not in any ship and he’s not pining away for a female housemate who has no interest in him. Whitemoney is also not asking viewers to vote for him because he is poor. He made it his job to cook for all the housemates; a role that Nigerian audiences are accustomed to seeing women play. With his vibrant personality, he has won himself a huge fanbase and even the friendship of his fellow housemates. He is one BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate that is really shining his eye.

2. Pere

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye

We’re used to seeing female housemates be the villain of the year. This year Pere said no. He came to show us that man can cause all that commotion too. Love or hate him you have to admit that no one has worked the Villian template the way Pere is doing.

3. Angel

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye

It’s not really strange to see female housemates look sexy and show a lot of skin. But Angel turned up the heat a thousand notches higher with her tattoos, piercings, and total disregard for a bra. And what more? She has one of the most beautiful personalities we’ve seen in a BBNaija housemate, she has shown herself to be a no-hate zone and we love to see it.

4. Arin

zikok0 - Big Brother Naija

Even though we didn’t get to have her on our screens for long we could see from the start that Arin is different. She came through with a vibe that is authentic, unique, and truly refreshing. We loved to see how genuinely interested in other housemates she was and how passionately and eloquently she portrayed feminism in the house.

Disclaimer: The point of this list is not to say every other housemate is fake or boring, we’re just saying it’s hard to say any of the housemates on this list behave like or copied a past housemate.


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