With everyone rocking the same hairstyles these days, wouldn’t it be so great to stand out? So what if your hair stylist can’t pull off the styles on this list? That’s not the point. The point’s you’ll stand out, and that’s all that mattress. Don’t thank us just yet!

Sunny’s look from Torioko

No, tell me that this lewk is not achievable. Is hair dye expensive? Yes, will all your family members deny you outside? Also, yes, but you’ll look so original with your alté aesthetic. If you’re an ally for queer people, what’s wearing the rainbow on your head to you? Talk Valentina!

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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo From Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I know you might be thinking, what’s so special about a blonde afro? Well, this man’s hair is made of 24-karat gold. If you have that kind of gold, have you not made it? Just go to your mother’s dressing table, melt as many of her gold chains as possible, and carry them on your head. The best part is that no-one can even steal it because it’s on your head. 

Umemiya’s rolls from Shaman King

Since all the styles from before the internet age are back in vogue, this should be a breeze. Just comb your hair up, look for a big hair roller and wrap your head around it like ₦2k shawarma. Add pins to keep it together, and you’re good to go. A trend setter, fashion extraordinaire. 

Iris from Pokemon

Remember those days when your mum would pack your hair in a tight bun, and it’ll get loose because you kept touching it? That’s what this look is giving but with effortless styling that doubles as a pocket to hide things. Do you know the amount of food you can sneak in on an plane with hair like that? 

Kenpachi’s look from Bleach

Imagine entering danfo with this look? The conductor will charge you extra for looking so fly! If your hair is not long enough, don’t worry, I got you. Remember how we used to wrap biscuit nylons into cones as kids

? Do as many as possible, then take glue and stick it on your head. You can paint to your desired colour, and voila, a walking chuku ckuku.

 Yasuhiro’s locs from Danganronpa

If you people don’t rush this one, as a loc-head, I will beat you to it. Imagine walking around like this? People would be afraid to touch you because how did you do it? Your gel budget might be through the roof, but anything to look fly. Samson no do reach this one. 

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Goku’s hair from Dragon Ball

Quick question, how do you feel about becoming the poster child for the “Black kids with blonde hair” search results? Take inspo from the Velaryon family in House of the Dragon and see that it bangs. Relax your hair and bleach it and there you go! If you like, you can tie blonde hair extensions to your hair for length. There’s beauty in this life, but your beauty with this hairstyle will be discovery. 

Franky from One Piece

Wow, look at this hair! If police stop you in traffic, you can just transform your hair into a cannon. I love it. You would be untouchable. You’d also be single because, come on, you can’t have your cake and eat it. No one will want to compete with your hair for attention. 

Saitama from One-Punch Man

You know your hairstyle is that bitch when it ensures you’re added to the will. Imagine visiting your dad with a haircut like this in an age where everyone’s keeping an afro or locking their hair. He’d be so proud. This hair shows that you’re ready to own a sienna, prepared to wear a green shirt and purple trousers to your banker job and beg interns for their food. Indeed, a mark of good home training. You can’t go wrong with a good skin cut. 

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