There are numerous benefits that come with having locs.

Like looking good in the morning, without styling. I’m basically able to wake up and go.



Needing minimal products for styling.

loc products

Being able to dance in the rain if I wanted or go swimming.


Black Hair Information

Saving tons of money that would have otherwise be spent on hair extensions. Heck I can run my hands through my hair without feeling tracks from weaves on my scalp.

London Curls

London Curls

Getting nods of acknowledgement when you meet a loc brother or sister.



Or people seeing you as an inspiration to start their locs.

But there are also the not-so-nice aspects, which I’m sure fellow locheads will totally get.

1. When people call it “dreadlocks”.

cat says no

Please it’s called locs. There’s nothing dreadful about the hair.



Yes I know the title says ‘dreadlocks”. That’s because it’s what Nigerians call locs. I’m here to tell you that it’s incorrect. So please, take note.

2. Seeing someone with long locs and wishing yours could grow faster.

But why

But why?

3. The longer they grow, the longer it takes for them to dry.

4. Having to go through extra security checks at the airport.

drugs in locs

Daily Mail

Probably because they think that drugs get hidden inside the locs. To give them credit, it’s been done before. Doesn’t mean all locheads are like that though.

5. Some people thinking that you must do drugs.

Bob Marley

Seriously?! Yeah, Bob Marley smoked weed. That doesn’t mean we all do that though.

6. Having to hide your locs when you go for job interview.

Bronze Goddess

Bronze Goddess


7. Or getting funny looks when you leave them out.


Sometimes, you don’t get the job.

8. Meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents for the first time and seeing their reaction to your locs.

no time

I’m a good person. I promise.

If you have locs, you’re bound to get questions like this:

9. Do you wash your hair?


No, I don’t. My locs are self-cleansing.

10. How do you wash it?


The same way you wash your hair.

11. Were you born this way?


Not necessarily. If anybody with kinky hair decides to stop combing their hair, it’ll matt over time.

12. Are you from Jamaica?


Nope. That’s neither here nor there.

13. Do you like reggae? You must be a musician.


Not really. I’m not a musician, but I can sing.

14. Are you a Rastafarian?

No woman

Yah man! Yaga!

Sigh, not a compulsory criterion.

15. Are you a footballer?

Max Mag

Max Mag

It’s only Michel Obi or Jay Jay or Kanu that have locs abi?

16. Why is your hair standing up?

Black Women Natural Hairstyles

Black Women Natural Hairstyles

Because it’s short?

17. Being told by relatives: “How do you expect to find husband/wife with this kind hair?”

hol up

You don’t say. I didn’t know that was a criteria now.

18. The polite ones ask  “Can I touch your locs”. Other times, you’re not asked. They just go ahead and touch. It happened to Ava Duvernay.


19. Are you a lesbian?

lochead girl

Really? Why is it a crime for girls to have short hair?

Getting statements like these on a regular basis:

20. I like your your hair, but it makes you look rough.

We don't care

Nobody asked for your opinion.

21. I like locs, but I can never do it. I don’t think it’ll fit me.


That’s nice to know.

Despite it all, the pros still outweighs the cons, by far and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Featured image: Patience Edet



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