Getting your first internship definitely ranks as one of the most important events in your life. Suddenly, you’re a proud member of the end-of-the-month credit-alert-expectant WhatsApp group.

An internship is much more than just earning a salary though, so we’ve compiled the expo you need to crush your internship, just because we’re your guys and all that.

Dress the part

Oh, you thought Mark Nsukka bread was your boss? Please find out if there’s a dress code and prepare accordingly.

Be prepared to do more than your job description

You might be great at doing more than one thing, so you become the one everyone calls upon for any and everything. 

Intentionality is everything

An internship is a learning opportunity, so you need to seek out opportunities to learn. Don’t sit down waiting for someone to teach you because it might never happen.

Bring the right energy

Don’t let the new pressure of adulting get you discouraged. Bringing the right energy to work is almost as important as actually doing the work.

Build a network

Good professional relationships don’t just fall on people, so use the internship as an opportunity. Offer to help that sales guy on your team or talk to the marketing lady during lunch.

Don’t take on too much at a time

Learn to pace yourself, so you don’t take on too many tasks at once and then fail to deliver on any.

Have fun

You’re already on your way to building a fulfilling career, so make sure to enjoy yourself along the way as well. 

Pro tip: It’ll also help you interact better and actually become lasting friends with your colleagues. Remember that bit about networking?

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