Ladies, gents and non-binary friends, it’s another Friday. We won, guys; no capitalism for two whole days! Small victory, but a victory nonetheless. To celebrate this short break, here are some of the songs that popped on my radar this week that you should definitely add to your playlist. 

Please don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. 

Jaiye Foreign — Zinoleesky and Tiwa Savage 

One of the best parts about Tiwa Savage’s career is her ability to serve range back to back. Are you looking for ballads? She’s got you with Olorun Mi. Are you down to get the party rocking? Best believe Koroba and Diet will be on your DJ’s setlist. 

Teaming up with one of the hottest stars of the moment, Zinoleesky, for Jaiye Foreign, Tiwa shows that versatility yet again. Zinoleesky feels at home with that amapiano bassline in the background he’s known for, but Ms. Savage’s vocals steal the show for me. 

Hey! — Aylø and Tera Kora 

There’s nothing like knowing your sound as a musician, cultivating that sound and just killing it time after time. While Aylø might not be the most popular by-product of the alté crossover from SoundCloud to the music charts, his reggae-influenced sound and distinct tone have always gotten my attention.

On his latest single, Hey!, Aylø seems to be searching for answers, and like most Nigerians, he turns to prayer. His prayer might not be directed at any deity in particular, but his longing makes me pray they get answered soon. 

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F.D.P (Fire Di Party) — DJ Tunez and AV

If there’s one thing AV will do on a song, it’s give you a memorable opening line. On his 2021 breakout hit, Big Thug Boys, he started with, “If you get a woman, hold am tight o,” warning everyone that he’s not above scattering relationships. And on F.D.P with DJ Tunez, it’s, “How many kele man go fit knack oh?”

While AV doesn’t necessarily sing about anything new on F.D.P, it’s still about having women in different area codes, but his melodies over DJ Tunez and Kulboy’s mid-tempo beats provide the perfect party starter. 

Selah — Morachi

I wasn’t the only one Morachi had in a chokehold when he dropped Hapuya Lyke That way back in 2007. Waists were whining, and backs were breaking on the dance floor — or at least in my room — every time the song came on. 

However, on Selah, Morachi’s new single, we get to experience a different side of the artist. The beat has been slowed down to allow Morachi flex his loverboy muscles without distractions, and boy, does he eat up this song. I love a good rebrand or, in this case, evolution, so I’m totally here for this soft and romantic version of Morachi. 

No Closure — Mannywellz 

Please, if you’re the one that served Mannywellz’ breakfast, kindly step forward. Since dropping his 2020 EP, Mirage, Mannywellz has constantly sang about heartbreak, finally loving himself on A Million with Wale, and letting go of relationship baggage on Peace with Tems. 

On No Closure, Mannywellz finds himself at the heartbreak bus stop one more time. While he sings about dancing to celebrate the end of a relationship, there’s a high chance he’ll be back singing about heartbreak again in a couple of weeks. Pele my dear. 

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