Nollywood lover boys are the blueprint for modern-day nice guys. They all had one script and to be fair, they bodied it well. Here are 8 things you need to be a Nollywood loverboy.

1. Be broke

Nollywood lover boys had to be broke to move the plot. That’s the only way Rita Dominic’s character can dump a bowl of dirty water on you so you can think about your life?

2. Write love letters or poems

You don’t even have to be good at it, just pour all your feelings on paper and send a small child to deliver it to your love interest.

3. Go after the most happening babe on campus

You can’t be a good Nollywood lover boy without audacity. The babe you must fall in love with has to be beautiful, rich and way above your league.

4. Be Emeka Ike

Nobody played this role better than him. This role exists solely because of him and he bodied it every time. What a man.

5. Become magically rich

How can you suffer since you were born and not eventually make it? Come on. One day you’ll help a man who doesn’t have a child, he will take you under his wings, buy you new clothes, give you a job and eventually you will inherit all he has.

6. Have a sick mother

How dare you be poor and your mother will be of sound health? Every time she comes on the scene, she must look like she’s about to die. She must also be against you falling in love with your rich love interest. Why? Because your love interest is obviously spoilt and won’t be able to cook. Your mother doesn’t want you to starve. So what if you have hands to cook your own food? The game is the game.

7. Have an annoying best friend

Your best friend’s role is to warn you against pursuing that girl you like because she is bad news. They only exist to talk about your relationship and to invite you to eat the food that you didn’t contribute to.

8. Have another character that likes you

This character must go out of her way to make you happy, but you must dislike her. She will cook for your sick mother, buy you clothes, give your siblings pocket money and the best way to pay her of course is by shouting at her to leave your broke ass alone. Spoiler alert, you eventually realise that you love her after the rich babe’s father arrests you 10 times.




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