If you’ve been at Nigerian church prayer sessions then you’ve met all the people on this list because they are always present.

1. The vigorous prayer warriors

These are the people that have 2 or 3 issues to iron out with God and they approach it like warriors. Like a grudge that has gone on for too long. You see them kneeling and shaking their heads or somewhere at the back of the church marching from one pillar to the other while yelling out their prayer points.

2. The alter call regulars.

zikoko - People At Prayer Sessions

These are the ones that always answer the alter call. It’s like they need to renew their salvation every now and then.

3. The ones falling under the anointing

zikoko - People At Prayer Sessions

These are the ones that keep the ushers busy.

4. The one sleeping by the corner.

A.k.a I cannot come and kill myself gang. They had a long day and they should be home in bed but instead they are in church.

5. The ones pressing their phone.

zikoko - People At Prayer Sessions

They are probably at church because their parents dragged them there. They just find a corner to Facebook and tweet in the middle of all the spiritual warfare going on around them.

6. The normal people praying quietly.

zikoko - People At Prayer Sessions

No noise, no flamboyant gestures, no drama, no falling down. They just sit still and say their prayers.

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