It’s Asake’s world and the rest of us are just paying rent and agency fees. Since dropping the Olamide-assisted Omo Ope early in February, 2022, Ololade mi Asake has been going non-stop — it has reached a point where fans are asking him to take his own advice and rora

But while Asake has an undeniable chokehold on the Nigerian music scene at the moment, people are questioning his fashion choices and such questions don’t sit right with my spirit. Asake is a fashion icon and I’m willing to die on that hill. If you don’t believe me, check these looks out. 

This Mary Amaka skirt-turned-top that shook the internet

I know people have been going back and forth about this look, but where you all see a fashion disaster, I see a fashion innovator and trendsetter. At least now we all know what to do with our sisters’ old denim skirts. It’s called recycling, my dears.

The famous Joha oversized denim pants

Before wearing a skirt as a top, Asake showed fans he was about to unleash serious fashunz on their head when he posted the video that started the #JohaChallenge. He wore this pair of jeans large enough to fit everyone at YBNL at the same time. But I see the wisdom in it; it’s a sign that he’s growing in leaps and bounds and he has the foresight to leave room in his jeans to accommodate his rapid growth. 

Asake, the pastel king 

Who else can pull off pastel pink (a.k.a powdered pink to all my aso ebi loving mummies) and pastel green? Come on, Asake knows this fashion thing. The way everything works with the colour of his hair gives me endorphins!!

Peace be unto this Kenneth Ize outfit

Congratulations to Asake on his new house and car, but is he giving out this Kenneth Ize outfit? That’s the important question. Asake, if you’re reading this, send this fit to our Surulere office and tell them it’s for Conrad. PBUY, sir. 

Who dey breathe????

Do you see how tight this shirt is? This one is more than body hug, this one is body kidnap. How was Asake breathing while shooting the music video for Palazzo? Life is full of wonders. 

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Asake invented oversized suits 

Asake is proving to the world that fitted suits are boring and overplayed. If you really want to stand out my man, you have to find a suit three times your size and deck the largest shoes you can find to compliment it. 

Babalawo with a B.Sc from Harvard

I’ve never wanted to connect with my ancestors this bad in my life. Can someone please help me verify if this fit is made-in-China white before I experience a case of “what I ordered vs what I got?” Thank you. 

Blood money red 

Somewhere, right now, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Clems Ohameze and Tony Umez are looking at this image with their chests bursting with pride. This oxblood red fit looks like something the lead character of an Old Nollywood film would wear after sacrificing their wife for mint cash and decorating their living room with gold chairs. 

Biker chic

Asake or Charly Boy? Honestly, I can’t tell the difference here and I love it!

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