Consider this a free trip down memory lane, back to the times when we believed in magic and romanticized vampires, before Empire, Money Heist and other such telenovellas came to be. Remember that time? Then here’s a list of 9 old American TV shows every Nigerian watched.

1. Merlin

zikoko- Old American TV Shows

“In a land of myth, and a time of magic… the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin”. We could recite that opening in our sleep and we had a crush on the name “Pendragon”.

2. Legend of the seeker.

zikoko- Old American TV Shows

The series that introduced us to the wonderful world with confessors, seekers, mordsiths, and wizards of the first order. And we all had a crush on Cara and her low key BDSM uniform.

3. One three Hill

zikoko- Old American TV Shows

The only time a love triangle did not make us want to vigorously roll our eyes (Philipine series take not please). Plus the beautiful soundtracks. But we will never forgive the writers for not making Lucas and Brooke endgame.

4. Make it or Break it.

zikoko- Old American TV Shows

The awesome series that gave us a beautiful peek into the world of young female gymnasts. This series would still be a hit if I were released today.

5. Gossip girls.

zikoko- Old American TV Shows

Anonymous blogging meets highschool meets teenage drama and we loved it! Plus we all lowkey wanted to be Serena Van Der Woodsen.

6. Vampire dairies.

The tv series that romanticized vampirism. Suddenly everyone wanted to be a vampire or a witch and even though everybody said Stefan was the boyfriend material, they still low-key wanted a Damon.

7. Smallville

We didn’t just love this series because it was about the inside life of our universal MCM (a.k.a Superman) and because we had a crush on young Clark Kent here. But also because it took an interesting spin on the story of our favorite Kryptonite.

8. Kyle XY

Episodes of Kyle XY were probably the only time Nigerian teenagers were excited about science, biology, and any form of paranormal activity that was not magic.

9. Sex and the City.

This right here set the pace for modern themes like feminism, the sexual liberation of women, and the power/beauty of longstanding female friendships. And that’s exactly what we all loved about it.

That’s our list of 9 old American TV shows every Nigerian watched. Did we miss your favorite? Drop it in the comments.

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