Nollywood romantic comedies always come with a method. Fam, these people have been recycling the same story with different faces. They just keep sharpening the dialogue and add better cinematography. We are tired of rolling our eyes hence this list of 8 Nollywood romantic comedy characters we have being meeting since ages past.

1. The fine girl.

A.k.a the reason we are all here. The world in this story usually revolves around her. She’s pretty, perfect but single and thus the plot twist. She is basically every man’s dream but none of them have woken up to make her their reality (a.k.a she is wife material but she hasn’t been wifed yet).

2. The fine boy

A.k.a the second reason we are here. The writers hold him to no standard, he could come in any shape or form and the story would still deem him worthy. He could be a fuckboy, a serial cheat, or a perfect gentle man. Either way, he is the one that finnally crowns the fine girl with a relationship and by the end of the story, a ring.

3. The fine girl’s friend. Her cheerleader and hype man

zikoko - Nollywood Romantic Comedy characters

Her personal hypeman and portable support system. She is usually also single too but somehow the story doesn’t award her with her own man. Very unfair.

4. The fine boy’s friend.

zikoko - Nollywood Romantic Comedy characters

The person fine boy is always drinking with. He is usually with fine boy the first time fine boy meets fine girl.

5. The petty ex.

zikoko - Nollywood Romantic Comedy characters

She is usually the antagonist, the one who hasn’t moved on and is constantly scheming to pour sand inside fine boy and fine girl’s garri. They don’t ever give her closure.

7. The impatient parents.

zikoko - Nollywood Romantic Comedy characters

Usually the first reason for the story. They give their daughter or son an ultimatum to get married and procreate grandchildren and thus sets off the quest for love and marriage that most romantic comedies are about.

8. The in-laws.

These ones often come in different flavors. So they could be nice and accepting or judgy and unnecessarily malicious.

Which of these Nollywood romantic comedy characters are you personally tired of seeing?



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