Romantic comedies just exist to bobo us about life, love, and all the orishirishi in between. Now with this notion that reality and romantic comedies do not go hand in hand, here are 7 lines you will probably never hear in a Nigerian romantic comedy;

1. “This is not realistic”.

zikoko - Nigerian Romantic Comedy

You will never hear this line in a romantic comedy, and the irony is that it never is realistic. The entire plot always sounds like something that could only exist in movies. 

2. “My mom doesn’t like you and she probably has a point”.

In a romantic comedy? Neverrr. I choose you over my family and my inheritance dear.

3. “But why do you love me?”

zikoko - Nigerian Romantic Comedy

The answer is always “The reason is something I can’t explain. I just saw you and fell head over heels in love with you”. Oshey poet.

4. “How will we pay our bills?”

zikoko - Nigerian Romantic Comedy

Answer : Love and light.

5. “Where will we live?” 

zikoko - Nigerian Romantic Comedy

Under the watchful eyes of Lord Cupid.

6. “How much do you really earn?” 

zikoko - Nigerian Romantic Comedy

Money has nothing to do with true love dear.

7. “You need to get your shit together and get a earn a living”. 

Don’t worry, love will influence the account balance because love conquers all.

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