The Big Brother Naija game is brutal. Viewers know this, housemates know this too. When we all met Maria BBNaija she seemed to be a force to be reckoned with but somehow she couldn’t make it to the top 5 list. For a lot of people that math didn’t add up. She seemed like the perfect character for a top contender position. It didn’t make sense for her to leave the game before less popular and strong housemates.

What went wrong? You’re about to find out.

1. Putting Whitemoney up for eviction

The first wrong move Maria made was nominating Whitemoney with her exclusive nomination power. This was dicey because Whitemoney had just told her he didn’t tell the other housemates she was a wildcard because he didn’t want her to leave the house. Her nominating him seemed too much like a “repaying evil with a good transaction”. As expected, fans took that personally. That singular act gave Whitemoney’s fan base a huge boost and spiked up his Instagram following to surpass hers.

2. Her alliance with Pere

The love/hate thing she had going with Pere didn’t help her game either. Ganging up with him to destabilize Whitemoney’s alleged strategy came off as a witch hunt and viewers were not a fan of that. Especially considering the fact that Whitemoney had only sent good vibes her way.

3. Her one-sided beef with Angel

Maria BBNaija - Zikoko

Maria passionately carried on a one-sided beef with Angel for reasons that are still unclear to viewers. From reporting Angel to Big Brother during her diary sessions to hosting a full-on character assassination podcast against Angel with Peace and Nini during their stay in the executive lounge. This made her come off as a slut-shaming and condescending character. Both of which are attributes viewers are not keen on seeing.

4. Her beef with Queen

At first, this didn’t come off as a big deal. Things took an interesting turn when Queen unknowingly formed an allegiance with Whitemoney. This connection spurred Whitemoney’s fans to vote for Queen when both Queen and Maria were up and we know how that plot twist ended.

5. Her reaction to her nomination

Maria BBNaija - Zikoko

To top it all off when Maria realized she was up for eviction she threw one too many tantrums. For someone who herself had enjoyed exclusive nomination powers, it made no sense for her to take her nomination that personally. Especially to the point where she began to spite her alleged bestie Liquorose. Viewers were not a fan of that behaviour either.

To sum it all up, Maria’s game fumbled because she formed an allegiance with the wrong people and picked too many unnecessary fights with other housemates who themselves are top contenders. Between not being liked by the housemates inside the house and being considered annoying by voters outside the house, she didn’t stand a chance.

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