Being a bad bitch is not a phase or a mood, it’s an identity, and Ayra Starr is one Nigerian artist that has it on lock. From her music to her attitude (we can’t forget her fashion game), Ayra is the embodiment of “doing my own thing and not caring what anyone says”. 

But how can the rest of us mortals tap into this bad bitch energy? Luckily for us, Ayra is also a teacher, and the deluxe version of 19 & Dangerous is filled with little bad bitchery nuggets of wisdom. 

“I ain’t got no ass and no titties. But I’ll steal your man with my kitty” — Skinny Girl Anthem

Bad bitches know how to use what they have to get what they want. Yes, they may not have everything, but their talent allows them make things work regardless. Not to say that bad bitches steal people’s men up and down, but just know they could if they wanted to. 

“Suck on these nuts if you ain’t approve of. I’ve cared for too long”  — Cast (Gen Z Anthem) 

Bad bitches don’t need approval from anyone but themselves. People will try to question or bring you down, but like garri, still you rise. 

“Me no getty time for the hate and the bad energy. Got my mind on my money”  — Rush 

Haters and bad energy? No, we can’t relate to that in this bad bitch villa. As a bad bitch, all you’re allowed to focus on is money, money and more money. If it’s not about your bag, delete it with vim. 

“Once bitten, twice shy. I dey hear word” — Running 

Bad bitches are smart enough to know when to walk away. Allowing someone to take you fi eediat once is sad, but you stop being a bad bitch when you allow them to do it to you over and over again. Don’t you have shame? 

“Everything I desire, I go receive”  — Bloody Samaritan 

Bad bitches and manifestation go hand in hand. People will think you’re delusional when you share our hopes and dreams, but you can achieve anything you set your mind to, so forget them. Manifest with confidence, and claim what’s yours. 

“Fuck society! Fuck you wannabes! Fuck your hypocrisy!” — Ase

What has listening to society ever done for anyone? Ayra’s success comes from her talent and ability to block out haters. You need to be able to make your choices and stand by them if you want to thrive as a bad bitch. 

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“I’m a fashion killer, yeah. I got much delivered, yeah” — Fashion Killer 

Fashion plays an important role in building your bad bitch energy. Have you ever seen a bad bitch who doesn’t know how to rock baffs? We don’t do that here. Take a page from Ayra’s book, and keep your fashion game on one hundred, no matter what. 

“If you fuck with me, better run for your life” — Snitch 

Want to mess with a bad bitch? My dear, don’t. Bad bitches are always in their lane, but once in a while, remind everyone that messing around with a bad bitch always ends in tears, and you definitely won’t be the one crying. 

If they think they’re crazy, show them you’re crazier. 

“Which kain money we never see before”  — Rush 

Just so you know, bad bitches run money, money doesn’t run them. Never allow money move you — unless it’s Dangote or Otedola money sha. 

“If I cast, I cast. Yeah. Anything wey wan sup go sup” — Cast (Gen Z Anthem)

What’s the worst that can happen when you mess up? As long as you’re still breathing and didn’t hurt anyone, everyone will be alright last last. Bad bitches keep their heads up, always. 

“Broke all the stereotypes. I make my rules”  — Bridgertn 

Rules are for small boys and girls. Bad bitches don’t follow rules; they make their own. Purr. 

“Sabi girl no dey too like talk”  — Rush

Bad bitches don’t stress themselves by talking too much, and Ayra knows this. You have to be a person of  action, not words. Why are you arguing on Twitter or the streets? Eww. Remember these lyrics anytime you’re tempted to lose composure. 

“This bad bitch bad every day” — Bloody Samaritan 

Bad bitch is not a one day activity, it’s an identity. It’s a lifestyle. It’s peak. It’s in you. Can the congregation shout amen? 

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