Capitalism is the ghetto and so is being broke. Working for money is the biggest scam of all time and we are sure manifestation is better. Here’s a list of easy ways to manifest wealth:

1. Sleep with candles around you

sleeping and dreaming of wealth

You need the candles for the manifestation to work. don’t let the thought of fire hazards bother you, nothing can happen to you. The only thing that will happen is wealth, plenty of wealth.

2. Set your 11:11 alarm

You don’t want to ever miss 11:11, whether am or pm. The angels of manifestation walk the streets by that time. Sorry to you if you use 24hr time clock, you have only one chance.

3. Wake up in the morning and shout “i am rich”

Pointing Mirror Guy | Meme Generator

Make sure you shout it three times in case the universe didn’t hear the first time. Do this every day till the day you are rich enough to stop.

4. Use this ✨ emoji in all your texts

The emoji contains magical manifestation powers, you won’t need to say anything once your words are written in the stars. Literally.

5. Include wealth in your name

You can include it as a prefix or suffix, whichever one works for you. Translating the word wealth to your preferred language is a better alternative, it adds to the razzle-dazzle.

6. Walk around with arrogance.

spraying money, displaying wealth

Have you met a rich man that is not arrogant?. If anyone complains, tell them it’s because they don’t know better. Let them know you are no longer on their level. This is the best way to manifest wealth.

7. Let your neighbours know that you are now rich

walking around with a money phone.

We all know Nigerians love and respect rich people. The respect they’ll give you would be plenty enough to translate to real wealth.

8. Visit a Babalawo

babalawo helping you get wealth

Please inform the Babalawo that you have started manifesting wealth before coming to his shop. Let him know that you’ve played your part. all that’ll be left for him to do is put the finishing touches.



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