1. When you see your boyfriend and your stomach starts paining you.


2. When he tries to kiss you, you’re like:

Please move your mouth from here.

3. When you’ve forgotten you have a boyfriend and people ask you how he is.

Must you ruin my joy?

4. When he starts talking about a future involving you.

Uncle since which day?

5. When you’re with the man you love and your boyfriend starts calling to find out where you are.

Just imagine!

6. When the only way you can have a good time is if he is not at the function.

Before he will come and use his own to spoil your own.

7. When he asks to meet your parents, you’re like:

Please no need to get them involved.

8. When he tries any public displays of affection and you start dodging.

Uncle please don’t let anyone know we are together!

9. When his friends say hello to you, you’re like:

Please leave here jere!

10. Whenever he says he loves you:

Oh God!


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