Who is an idan? A streetwise person who hustles hard and plays harder. An idan answers to no one. 

But how can you be your true idan self at work when bosses and colleagues expect you to bow to capitalism? That’s where we come in. Think of it as an idan code, but for the workplace.

An idan never does office politics

Who has the time to engage in eye service? Definitely not an idan. They move in silence and still get shit done. You’ll never catch an idan sending emails at 4 a.m. or picking calls after work hours. For an idan, 9-5 is 9-5.

Deadline fears idan, not the other way around

If the deadline can’t shift to accommodate an idan, that’s the deadline’s cup of tea. Punching above their weight? The only punching an idan does is on the buttons of an ATM or the occasional bus conductor who wants to see crazy.

Extra work? An idan will never be there

The only extra an idan subscribes to is extra salary. They don’t even understand the meaning of unpaid overtime. The idan even chooses to accept paid overtime if they feel like it.

An idan never makes their business known

The idan might have a whole ass family and grandchildren, but coworkers will never know. The only glimpse into their personal life you’ll ever know is their surname.

But the idan doesn’t hide their side hustle

Just so you know they have a choice. They aren’t tied to capitalism, so if you people do anyhow, you can hold your job.

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An idan never tolerates nonsense

You want to call an idan to an impromptu meeting? Or you have the bright idea to call them on Slack or Teams without prior notice? It’s like you’ll do the meeting with yourself.

An idan is never fired, they resign

Send an idan a termination letter, and they’ll reply with a letter of resignation. 

Passive aggression? Not the idan way

The idan doesn’t need to hide their mouth. They’ll say what they want with their full chest and leave you to do your worst.

An idan selects the work they’ll do

The correct way to address an idan is, “Do you think you can work on this project?” and not, “I want you to work on this project.” Let’s be guided.

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