Everyone wants to sound agreeable, even when it’s not how they really feel. Even your most-used email sign-offs aren’t safe from the eye service drama. 

But what do they say about you? Let’s get into it.

Yours sincerely

Grandma, is that you? Anyone who still ends emails with this is probably stuck in the middle ages AND is part of the WhatsApp group of people who believe any time rain falls on a sunny day, a lion is giving birth.

Best regards

You’re just working because you have a thing against living under the bridge. You’re also tired of capitalism, but you’ve gotten to the age when you’ve learnt to accept it as the necessary evil it is.


You think every meeting should’ve been an email, but when they become emails, you don’t reply unless you absolutely have to. I respect it.


You lowkey don’t like your coworkers or even the idea of work, but you have to look alive for the culture. You also tend to exhibit Nigerian-parent “put it on my head” behaviour.

Thanks in advance

You’ve spent far too much time applying for jobs. It’s giving “I look forward to hearing from you”, but hey, your Nigerian mother would love that you’re so respectful at work.

Enjoy the rest of your day

You’re either a really nice person who genuinely cares about people, or you work in customer service, and you honestly don’t give a damn about anybody.


You have zero patience. Your mantra is probably, “Try me and see”. Chances are you’re also a firstborn.

Please, accept the assurance of my highest regards

Are you contesting for a political post, or what’s happening here? I’ve only ever seen this sign-off in emails from government ministries. If you use it, I’m tempted to say you’re a corrupt detty liar.

[Your name]

It’s giving “main character”. Why waste time using sign-offs when they only need to know the name behind the greatness they just read?

No sign-off at all

Pride, dear. That’s exactly what it is.

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