Hello Hot Babes, it’s quarter to time for you to come out and party with other hot women at Hertitude. Hertitude is back, and this time, we’ve taken your feedback from last year and made it hotter.

For the babes here for the first time, let us tell you about the hottest party of the year for women, Hertitude.

What’s Hertitude?

You already know that at Zikoko, we carry women’s agenda on top our heads. Aside from our category dedicated to women, and the many stories we write about women, we’ve added a party to celebrate women. 

Who’s invited?

Every woman in Lagos. We have an activity for all types of knees: cracking or bending. We have activities for those who want to sit down, meet new people, show they’re gym baddies, etc etc.

When is it happening?

On the last Saturday in May: the 27th of May 2023, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. There’s space to sit down when you’re tired, so you can go again. Block your calendars now.

What to expect?

We’ve lined up exciting free and paid experiences for you. Board games, field games, a fashion show, karaoke, Who’s That Girl aka Speed Friendship, DJ performances and artist performances are open to everyone. 

Sip and paint, pottery class, and candlemaking class can be paid for here. Spa sessions and tattoo sessions are available at the event.

What to wear?

That fit you’ve been saving for the best turnup? Wear it. We want to see the hottest, wildest outfits. We’re setting up a red carpet for this single reason. 

What to bring?

Yourself, your wallet, another hot babe, your energy. Trust us to set up the rest.

Get your ticket now.

Hertitude Zikoko
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