I was speaking to a friend the other day and the topic of shaving came up. I asked if he shaves his ass and his reply was, “Why would I shave my ass? Men don’t shave their asses, it doesn’t do anything for them.” And that’s how this topic was born. As someone who has done it many times, I’ve decided to inform people who are not aware, that there are benefits of shaving their nether region — but there are also cons. 

Pro: Sex feels better 

If you like your ass being eaten, then you should shave back there. From the research I’ve gathered, you feel it on a different level when you don’t have hair in your bum. This is because there’s no obstruction; it’s straight from the tongue to the ass. Also, for all you nasties that like it, your ass being spanked when it’s smooth hits different. And lube feels much better to use. 

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Con: First-time shavers can react 

The bum is a very sensitive area, so there’s a chance that shaving there might cause some reactions. You will likely experience ingrown hairs, abscesses, butt acne, razor bumps, razor burns, rashes and any other irritation that different bodies experience. If you use cream instead of a razor, you may react to the cream. But there are easy ways to avoid and also treat these things. 

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Pro: Your clothes feel better

Wearing sweat pants or shorts without underwear will feel so much better after you shave your bum. There’s a certain comfort and airiness you’ll feel that cannot be explained except you experience it yourself. Even wearing only underwear feels great too. 

A balck man dancing in grey sweat shorts

Con: Your ass might itch

When the hair starts to grow back— and it grows back fast —your bum starts to itch, and it can be really annoying. It’s even worse when it happens in public and you can’t do anything about it. The sexual tension between you and scratching your ass will be intense. 

a man scratching his butt though his grayish blue cargo shorts

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 Pro: The process of shaving is good for the body

The acrobatic nature of trying to shave your bum

can be seen as yoga or a good way to stretch out your back. Try it. Try acting like you’re about to shave back there and see how you have to contort your body. This might just be a way to stretch out that back pain you’ve been having. 
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Con: You can cut yourself 

If you’re using a shaving stick and you’re not careful, you may cut yourself while shaving, multiple times. And trust me, the last thing you want is to have cuts in between your ass cheeks. They’re painful as hell.

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Pro: Reduces bum sweat

Butt sweat is very normal. However, if you have a lot of hair in between your ass, it may be causing friction and heat, which then leads to higher levels of butt sweat. But if you shave your booty, this can be avoided. Do me a favour— shave your ass and sleep naked with the fan or AC on. I promise you’ll come back and thank me for how breezy and fresh you felt that night. 

bronze sculpture of a naked mans lower back and butt

Con: It may not reduce bum sweat

After shaving everything off, there’ll be no more hair in between your bum. This means that your butt cheeks will rub together, and this can cause friction, which will make you sweat a lot. It’s almost as if your ass is squeaking as you’re walking because your sweaty butt cheeks are rubbing together.

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Pro: Reduces odour

Having hair in your ass can prevent sweat from evaporating, and this may cause unpleasant odours that nobody should experience. So giving your bum a trim (if you don’t want to shave everything off) can give it more room to breathe and leave it smelling better. 

chinedu ikedieze in an oversized pinstriped teeshirt covering his nose in disgust

Con: You’ll have to keep shaving

The moment you start shaving, you’ll have to continue, because the hair will grow back. It’ll grow back fast, and it’ll be more than the hair you had initially. And this is how the shaving cycle starts. However, if you want to avoid this, you can wax instead of using a razor or cream. Just know that it’ll hurt sha. 

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