Pop culture tends to hype big penises a lot. Half the time, it’s because we’re of the impression that the bigger the penis, the better the sex. But that’s not always the case. These seven Nigerian men have told us their struggles with owning big dicks.

Chinedu, 26

Dick length: 8 inches

It’s only online that women like big penises. In real life, it’s a different ball game. I think one of the major struggles I face is that I have to be very careful during sex so I don’t  go too hard or fast during sex for most people so it doesn’t  hurt them. Sometimes the sex is tiring because most of it involves me taking it too easy in trying to be careful, so I can’t fully immerse myself or enjoy it. Also, I’ve had girls refuse to sleep with me because of my penis size. It even happened just last week. Having a big penis is more of a curse than a blessing. I’d prefer to have a medium-sized penis, to be honest.

Femi, 19

Dick Length: 9.5 inches

I’ve given up on sex. I’m bisexual, so trying to have a sexual life with a big penis can be exhausting. The last time I had sex was in December, and it just didn’t work out. My penis is curved, so it was hurting the person even more, and it’s not like I have that much experience with sex yet. The man couldn’t walk, and I swear , I’m not exaggerating. We couldn’t even finish; we just made out for the rest of the night. And it’s more difficult with women. The two girls I’ve tried to have sex with couldn’t take it at all. I’ve decided to stick to only making out and foreplay for now.

Emeka, 27

Dick Length: 9 inches

It’s hard to find women that actually want to have sex with me the way I want. I like it when it’s intense and when it’s with someone that genuinely wants to have sex with me too. And for someone with a penis my size, it’s rare AF.   

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Jude, 27

Dick Length: 9 inches

As a grower, I’ve had a lot of women who wanted to get sexual with me think my size is fine. But when it’s time to have sex and it gets fully erect, they’ll run away and never come back. Funny, because my penis isn’t even as big as I want it to be yet. 

Let’s not even talk about the embarrassing erections that can never be hidden no matter what I do or wear. One time during my NYSC service, I slept off during one of those long boring talks, and when I woke up, I had a crazy hard-on. The girl next to me had to tell me to pat it down. I was so embarrassed.

Ahmed, 39 

Dick Length: 7.5 inches

When you have a big penis, you have to take extra care not to hurt or bruise your partner. You have to be inventive with positioning and you can’t afford to go out of control or get lost in the heat of the moment. And that can be really difficult. It takes a lot of patience and practice. For most women I’ve been with, it took a while to adjust, but lube and foreplay have helped. Buying the right size of condoms has also been a struggle for me, especially when I travel to countries where the average size they have is less than 7 inches. I once had a weird experience in Portugal where I was searching all over town for extra-large condoms. 

Temi, 24

Dick Length: Almost 9 inches

In secondary school, people liked to mention my penis size a lot. While having my bath, a lot of boys would look at my penis and call me “Small But Mighty”. And not just boys: one time I was seen having my bath by a female lieutenant (junior rank in the navy) and she started calling me by my English name, Armstrong, but with too much emphasis on the “strong”.

To be very honest, the part I don’t really like about having a big penis is the insertion. It takes extra foreplay and lubrication to go in. For the first few minutes, it’s all adjustments and trying to be careful. Sometimes I forget and go all in and then. boop! I’ve caused pain or discomfort.

Backshots aren’t really as “backshotty” as they should be, and that’s because I can’t go all in, and hence there’s no clapping, and that’s not enjoyable.

 Tobi, 24

Dick Length: 9 inches 

I was sexting a girl once, and as we were talking on the phone, I sent her a picture of my penis on Snapchat. I told her to check her snap and when she did, she said, “Jesus,” and cut the call. We haven’t spoken since then. Some women are skeptical about having sex with me due to my size. One ghosted me on and off, and she tried to pass me off to her friend, but nothing materialised from either. 

Apart from that, there’s the bleeding. Basically, no matter how wet she is, she might dry up a bit due to friction. To avoid this, I make sure the women cum first through foreplay. This is good lubrication, and also so that they are satisfied, so that when I start satisfying myself, I don’t hear story. 

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