Things that get the hormones pumping in men doesn’t always have to be sexual. I asked a couple of Nigerian men on Twitter what non-sexual thing got the blood flowing to their southern head. 

Some men had this to say:


I’m not sure why, but I’m always turned on when I see a woman cry. It doesn’t have to be anything dark, perhaps when she’s crying during an argument or in her feelings. It turns me on.


There’s this sexy smokey cat eye make up they do. It’s sexy af. And let’s not forget when they put their hands on their boobs when taking pictures. It can make me run mad.

Many men said semi-blind women got their juices flowing

Some other men are turned on by Igbo women wickedness

These ones are looking for who they will send to market

There were some sweet ones

And some armed robbers

Wahala for woman wey no get muscle

And these ones 

Some horny fellows

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