If You’ve Ever Owed Someone Money, This Post Is For You

August 1, 2016

1. Whenever you remember you owe someone money.

So this is what it is to be an onigbese!

2. You, trying to figure out what exactly you did with the money you borrowed.

Because you have nothing to show for all the money you borrowed.

3. When you realise you have to find money to pay back your creditor…

HAYYY! Very what? Very Good!

4. And another money to do what you initially borrowed money for.

This life is just a pot of beans sha!

5. When you see the person you owe money at a party or social event.

“So you have money to sew aso ebi but you don’t have my money abi?”

6. When you read up on how debt is a normal part of society and even wealthy men have debt.

Ehen, even Dangote has debt abeg nobody should stress me!

7. Then you remember all fingers are not equal and you better find your level.

Because Dangote pays his own debt sha.

8. When you are now stuck in the cycle of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Which kind of life is this?

9. When you have to choose between buying something you need and paying your creditor back.

Actually eating this week is not compulsory sha. Let me just pay back this money.

10. How you see your creditors coming after you in your dreams:

Is it that deep? Ahn ahn!

11. When you see missed calls from your creditor.

Ah! I don’t have your money oh better save your credit and be calling people that have.

12. When your creditor calls you and you pick up by mistake.

“I can’t hear you please the network here is just too bad!”

13. When you want to post yourself having fun on social media then you remember your creditor.

Before they will say you are enjoying life with their money oh!

14. You catching your subs on social media from your creditor.

“Na wa oh, is it me that this one is calling useless onigbese with no shame?”

15. When the pastor asks those in church with financial needs to come out you’re like:

“My money miracle will not pass me by!”

16. When people are talking about terrible debtors and you have to hold yourself back from defending yourself.

“But we are actually good people!”

17. When you finally pay back the money you owe.

Free at last!

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