8 Thoughts You’ve Probably Had When You’re On Third Mainland Bridge

Etisalat Nigeria
April 4, 2017

1. When your danfo is speeding and you’re like:

Are we speeding to London or what?

2. When you look down into the water and remember you can’t swim

If we fall down like this, that’s the end!

3. When you see people walking on the bridge:

Where are you walking to, please?

4. When someone’s car now breaks down on the bridge

Oga, you have entered one chance!

5. You, when it’s now your unfortunate danfo that breaks down

Which kind of yama yama luck is this one?

6. When nobody now stops to give you lift

Is this how you people are wicked?

7. When you see people doing James Bond with their cars on the bridge

It’s like you people want to go and say hi to Baba God.

8. When the car keeps hitting those annoying bumps on the bridge, you’re like:

This bridge will not give me hypertension o!

9. One thing we know for sure: you don’t want to be stranded on 3rd Mainland Bridge with a poor network

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