Siblings have their designated roles and behaviours in every family. From the black sheep to the golden child, we’ve seen it all. So what if the days of the week were all siblings in a large family? This is definitely how it’ll go down. 


The first-born child who’s loved by both parents but absolutely hated by the younger siblings. They probably got two degrees, married early and are rich now. The other siblings don’t see all the sacrifice Monday makes and the ridiculous pressure they’re under. They just see them as a know-it-all.


The immediate younger siblings of Monday who can never match up no matter how hard they try. Tuesday busts its ass off but can never really be considered “That girl”. They’re sick and tired of always being second place. Monday wishes they could repair their relationship with Tuesday, but it’ll never happen. Tuesday needs therapy. 


Wednesday was born when parents realised they’d fucked up with Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday then proceeds to be even more messed up than the other two, a constant reminder that parents might never get it right. 

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The neglected child. Nobody really remembers them or what they have to offer. They don’t have distinguishing qualities. They’re just trying to get through life. Thursday is tired but content. 


The “I can do it all” sibling. Tries to have a great work-life balance, neglecting the other siblings. They don’t make much time for family activities and have chosen to make their friends the found family. 

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Original black sheep of the family. Anything that concerns their other siblings? Out. They’re closer to Friday and Sunday, though, because Friday understands how annoying family is, and Sunday thinks they’re cool. Saturday just enjoys expressing themself. 


The unplanned child and last-born teenager with severe mental health issues. All Sunday has is sadness, grief and angst. Since most of the siblings are grown up and juggling jobs and life, Sunday is left to its devices, and just wants to be more like Saturday.

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