Sunday night signals the end of the weekend and the beginning of a new week. For some people, this can mean excitement — for those who are excited about their jobs. For some others, it can be a terror. This list categorises the way different people react to Sunday evening. Which category do you fall?

1. People anxious about work.

In this category are people who have unfinished assignments, deadlines to meet, or people who generally don’t like working. And let’s be honest, how many of us actually like working?

2. People thinking about traffic.

Lagos people, basically. That is the power of Sanwo-Olu. They might be seeing a TV series, but this is how they are in their heads. Body at home, mind on the road.

3. People who are actually working.

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These are the remote workers, the people doing shifts, the nurses and doctors and other people who have to work on Sundays. Some of them have seen it as part of life. What choice do they have?

4. People chopping the life of their head.

They might have work to do or things to attend to, but then you only live once, right? Given the way the world is turning on its own sef, why try to kill yourself over a tomorrow that is not certain? Why not chop life while you can? That’s their philosophy.

5. Those preparing for work tomorrow.

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These ones are selecting their outfits, ironing the children’s school uniforms, preparing the items they will take to work and ticking off items from their to-do list. They never want to be caught off-guard. We stan.


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