We all complain about Monday being the most annoying day of the week. The weekend is too short; you blink twice and it’s Monday. Ain’t nobody wanna fuck with that.  But what if Mondays weren’t the worst days? What if I told you the real evil of the week is Wednesday? 

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When you have a job, typically a nine to five, only two days of the week matter to you, Mondays and the weekend (and it’s been established that the weekend lasts only two seconds).

This is the last time Wednesday is going to go unnoticed and we’re here to call it out for the evil that it is.

Wednesday is the petulant middle child nobody really focuses on. The child that’s comfortable being an evil genius wrecking havoc.

1. Wednesday is an attention seeker

Wednesday is so loud for no damn reason. It’s like all the work you procrastinated on Monday and Tuesday found a way to settle on your desk on Wednesday. Now, those tasks aren’t just on your desk, they’re screaming for all your attention as if you’ll die if you don’t do them.

2. It’s not the weekend, but acts like one

A liar and a dirty bitch is what Wednesday is. It’s going to deceive you that it’s the weekend so you can get comfortable and get carried away even though it’s still screaming at you to do some work. Wednesday seems to have issues picking sides. Sir, are you inside the week or weekend?

3. Wednesdays are so long!

Wednesdays go on forever. You’d typically expect that from Mondays, but since Wednesday lacks personality and likes to be like everyone, it went and got some of Monday’s traits too. Even the spelling is so long. 

4. Wednesday encourages day drinking 

It’s obvious by now why we should all come together and abolish Wednesday. Anything that makes you want to crack open a bottle of gin in the middle of the day definitely doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

5. Why does it like sitting on a fence?

Girl, pick a side. Are you a reminder that the weekend is close or are you simply here to let us know that the week is still long? Imagine being an attention seeker and a confusionist from a fence. Wednesday, please nau. 

6. Wednesday is mid 

It’s the middle of the week and it’s automatically mid. No matter how hard it tries, it can’t be greater than its destiny. It’s also so annoying, the days that come after it say “t”f??

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