Part of being in the streets is flirting with the idea of leaving and finding love, but never really doing it. If you’ve been saying “God when” since God-knows-when, come and catch your sub here.

But the moment you experience any of these nine things, know that your streets days are numbered.

You keep catching the bouquet at wedding parties

This should be your cue that it’s time to bounce. If you don’t leave the streets after catching at least three bouquets, whatever you see, just take it like that.

You cringe at romantic videos

If you ever feel like slapping the people in romantic videos, then maybe it’s because it’s biting your body and you can’t wait for somebody’s son to find you. 

Your friends keep tagging you on posts about single people

But you shrug it off because that’s just the cost of keeping your peace of mind.

You keep saying “God when” to every love story you hear

Even when you know fully well that you’re the one doing this to yourself.

You’ve stopped saying “God When” because you know God has blocked you

Even God is tired of hearing your “God when” all the time.

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You start catching feelings easily

You’re losing your touch, fam. You’ve done your part and it’s time to retire from the streets.

Your talking stages start lasting longer

Have you forgotten the “no commitments” rule? You don dey lose focus. Shey breakfast no dey fear you?

There’s no one left to go to the club with

Most of your folks are getting comfy with their partners but you’re outside with the last two remaining members of your crew, screaming, “We outside!” at 2 a.m.

When you finally take our advice and leave the streets for good

We’re not saying you won’t be back, but at least rest a little.

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