If the mountain won’t come to Osas, then Osas must go to the mountain or in this case, find the mountain. Instead of continuously singing the chorus to Somebody’s Son by Tiwa Savage, we’ve outlined 5 ways you can take the search upon yourself just in case Somebody’s son is not finding you.

1. Steal him from another woman

Somebody’s son may not have found you because another woman found him first. It is up to you to take him from her. After all, you deserve your own person’s biological offspring.

2. Pretend to be a Zikoko writer

This one is easy. Just go on Twitter and tweet: “I’d like to speak to a handsome, 6ft tall and rich man in his 30s. Please send me a DM, it’s for a Zikoko article”. Ensure you describe your spec, then wait and see American wonder.

3. Order him off a dating app

Somebody’s son is probably waiting for you on a dating app, somewhere on the internet. Sign up and cast your net; what’s the worst that can happen?

4. Move to Lekki

They said that women are driving around Lekki and picking up young boys. This is the perfect opportunity to find somebody’s son. Blend in, browse through the streets of Lekki and happy shopping.

5. Return to the streets

Somebody’s son may not have found you because you’re no longer on the streets but he is. So go back to the streets and find him.

If you do everything above and still don’t find somebody’s son, then there’s only one thing left that can help you: you should read this.


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