It’s killing everyone. The enlistment and support would be overwhelming.

Bank charges

Imagine getting debited every time just for terrible services. The Nigerian Armed Forces would be fighting for a good cause if they faced these banks.

Our right to soft vacations

What’s the point of a country that can’t make it easy for you to take periodic breaks from it? Everything from travel bans to visa restrictions is stressing Nigerians out. We deserve soft vacations first.

Passport office billing

The Nigerian passport is already worth little. What’s the point of billing us to death before we get it?


The best time to get rid of semo was before it was invented. The second best time is now. This food is a crime against us as a nation, and something needs to be done about it.

People who hate dodo

They’re clearly enemies of progress, and we don’t need them at this critical point in the life of our dear country.

Lagos traffic

The constant traffic on Lagos roads is a matter of national urgency. It’s shortening our life span every single day. 

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