Being in the streets shuffles between being the best thing in the world and being the absolute ghetto. Join us as we explore the pros and cons. 

Pro: Zero Commitment whatsoever 

One of the best parts of being in the streets is that you’re not owing anyone any explanation. You can flirt with whoever you like, go on dates with anyone and the people you’re sleeping with have no right to be  upset.

Con: The people you want to sleep with might not want to sleep with you

Do you know how frustrating it is when the people you just want to have flings with are looking for committed relationships? You’re now left wondering the streets looking for “no strings attached” sex, and that’s  just beyond stressful.

Pro: You get to have sex with as many people as you want 

You’re not tied down to one person. You can sleep with multiple people separately or even all at once. 

Con: High possibility of experiencing bad sex regularly

As you’re sleeping with every and any kind of sexual partners, chances of sleeping with people who are mid or bad in bed, are higher. God abeg.

Pro: No one is cheating on you

Because you’re not dating anybody and nobody is dating you. 

Con: You may catch feelings 

This will happen if you’re sleeping with one particular person more than the others. Either you catch feelings or they fall in love with you. Either way, it’s dangerous if one person fails to stick to the initial agreement of just sex.

Pro: You get to experiment sexually

Being in the streets, you get to meet different kinds of people who have different sexual expectations, different kinks, and different modes of pleasure. This will lead to you experimenting sexually and discovering new pleasures you didn’t know you had.

Con: They’ll send you out at 4 am

In the midst of discovering yourself and experimenting, you might encounter a few mad people who will wake you up at 4 am and tell you to leave their house. And what can you do? Nothing. Just take heart and do your walk of shame.

Pro: Peace of mind

Nobody is stressing you with mood swings or petulant fights. You don’t have to worry or get upset about not receiving any texts or calls from a partner.

Con: It’s cold outside

On the other hand, the streets can feel lonely. You have no shoulder to cry on or a bosom to rest on. Can’t call your fuck body to vent about a bad day. Wetin consine am?

Pro: You’ll save money

Or you’ll spend more of it on yourself. Either way, you’re not spending money on many gifts (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.), date nights or couple hangouts. Do you know how much you’ve saved right there?

Con: You may not save money 

You’re not going to bring everyone home, so you’ll most likely be paying hotel bills, cab fares, etc. And just because you’re in the streets doesn’t mean you won’t go out on dates. Some people want the full experience of wooing, wining and dining before sex.

Pro: Nobody is serving you breakfast

You’re not afraid of any breakfast. You’re not constantly worried about the person you have strong feelings for waking up one day and saying they’re no longer interested.

Con: Nobody is romancing you either 

Nobody is sending you random gifts and heartfelt notes, or sweet texts in the morning. Instead, you’re getting “Wanna fuck?” texts. Before you know it, you’ll start singing about leaving the Streets.



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