While at your fuck buddy’s house, instead of just washing plates before you leave, set yourself apart by doing any of these things instead. 

1) Make yourself at home

It may not be your house but that doesn’t mean it can’t be your home. Bring some of your pictures and other personal belongings to make the place more homely. If the colour of the house doesn’t please you, you can even repaint it.  Get creative. 

2) Plan your wedding 

Wedding planners are expensive these days, so why not use your free time to plan your wedding. Good sex should be rewarded with marriage, abi is that not how it is? Even if the sex is bad, marry them so they don’t spread that rubbish to the rest of the world. 

3) Introduce yourself to the neighbours 

It doesn’t matter what you’re introducing yourself as, but get comfortable with them. They maybe seeing you a lot more if everything goes according to plan, so get acquainted. That way, their solidarity is to you. If anyone comes to take your place, the neighbours will fight for you. 

4) Mop the ceiling 

Why do basic things like sweeping and washing plates? Set yourself apart from the rest and try mopping their ceiling. Do you know if they’ve ever mopped it before? They’ll think about you for a long time.

5 House fellowship 

What better time to fellowship with the brethren than after some unholy activities? Gather your people and have a swell time in the presence of your maker. 

6 Solve Nigeria’s problems 

With some free time on your hands, maybe you can finally get to the root of the country’s problems. You  may be the breakthrough Nigeria needs. 

7 Meet their parents 

You can use this time to introduce yourself to the family. If you’re staying that long, might as well introduce yourself to them as the one that has gotten carnal knowledge of their child. They’ll hate it, but we doubt they’ll never forget you. 



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