Powered by sufficient research we have now decided to release the exclusive recipe for the perfect Nigerian boyfriend. Read, learn, and share fam.

1. A truckload of money.

The expensive dates and shopping sprees won’t pay for themselves.

2. MCM standard Looks.

Let us post be able to your pictures with pride, please. Even though we won’t tag you.

3. No ex drama, please.

We are not about to enter a Telemundo love triangle. Let your ex be in the past, we are entering a relationship, not a subtle competition.

4. Have connections.

zikoko - Perfect Nigerian Boyfriend

Because we need connections to move forward in this life. “I love you too” proclamations are cute, but they will not move our career forward.

5. Be good with communication.

zikoko - Perfect Nigerian Boyfriend

PS: The answer to “How was your day?” is not “Fine”, the answer is a well detailed paragraph on what happened during the course of your day.

6. Spoil us with gifts.

zikoko - Perfect Nigerian Boyfriend

We are talking latest iPhones and diamond jewelry. Car keys and house keys, big big things only. The kind of gifts that will start a twitter argument on whether or not it’s genuine.

7. Be ready to propose after approximately 2 years of dating.

zikoko - Perfect Nigerian Boyfriend

Because after two years your title is due for an upgrade from “boyfriend” to something more mature like “fiance”. So get a ring and get a writer and director to help you script and plan the perfect proposal.

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