If you’re thinking of dating a gym bro, wait first. Before you make your decision, read about the pros and cons of being with a gym lover first. I’ve listed seven important ones below. If you’re already dating one, well…I don’t know whether to say that I’m happy for you, or to say sorry. Whichever one applies to you. 

Pro: He’ll do all the heavy lifting 

You don’t have to worry about changing the water dispenser ever again. He lifts heavier than that in the gym. When you both go grocery shopping, you won’t have to worry about carrying the bags. 

Con: He’ll use soreness as an excuse to not do anything

Ask him to wash plates, and it’s, “My body hurts from all the weights I carried at the gym. I really pushed myself.” 

Pro: He’ll never get tired in bed 

All that cardio gives him great stamina to last long during sex. He won’t start breathing heavily after two minutes just because of small thrusting and moving around. 

Con: Forget about morning sex 

No early morning sex for you because your gym bae will be at the gym from 5:30 a.m. No late morning or afternoon sex either because he’ll be too tired from the gym. Sigh.

Pro: It’s easy to get them presents 

Just buy him the latest gym supplement, a new gym bag or workout clothes and shoes, and he’ll love you forever.  

Con: Money for dates will go to gym supplements 

Instead of taking you to nice places, he’ll spend all his money on pre-workout and whey protein supplements. Na wa o.

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Pro: He’ll never get tired of you sleeping on his arms

The weight of your head is nothing compared to the dumbbells and barbells he carries every day. Even if your whole body is on his arm, he won’t feel it. 

Con: He has muscles but can’t fight 

With all his big muscles, there’s a high chance he can’t fight. So you can’t even threaten anybody who tries to mess with you by telling them, “My boyfriend will beat you.” It’s like having a pet dog that can’t scare intruders.

Pro: He’ll help with your fitness goals

You’ll never slack with your fitness goals. He’ll help you stay on track with your diet and make you follow them to the gym. 

Con: He’ll talk and talk about gym stuff

He’ll use every opportunity he gets to talk about gym-related things. Every five seconds, you’ll hear about reps and gains. What about gains in the bank account or the holy spirit? 

Pro: They’re always cooking 

Gym bros cook a lot because their meals must be made in specific ways to fit their diets. So you’ll never have to worry about hunger because he’ll cook for both of you. I’m not saying it’ll be sweet sha. 

Con: He’ll try to make you join annoying diets 

He’s depriving himself of things and wants you to join him in his suffering. Tayo, I don’t care about having a flat stomach. I want to eat shawarma. 

Pro: He’s very nice to look at 

His hot gym body is always nice to look at and touch. Yes, please, flex those muscles for me.

Con: Other people think so too

As you’re staring at his lovely body, thinking how you can’t wait to be all over that, somebody else is doing the same. And because he’s a man, he’ll cheat. 

Pro: He can lift you up

He’ll lift you up without stress. Whether it’s during sex, when your feet are hurting, or when you want to see the stage at a concert and everyone’s blocking you. 

Con: Pillow fights become dangerous 

You can’t play certain games because one hit from him will send you to the emergency room. 

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