You’ve been having sex with a particular person who stays over at your house a lot. And you think it’s because they like you and like spending time with you. Well, we’re here to tell you they might actually be homeless and looking for a place to sleep without having to pay rent. 

If they do these things, they’re definitely using you for accommodation.

They only call at night

You don’t hear from them throughout the day, not even a text or a funny Tiktok video sent your way. You text them, and they leave your message on delivered. Then at night, they call to say they were busy. Next thing, “Are you home?” 

Because it’s time to sleep, and they need a home.  

You’ve never been to their house

Anytime you ask about going over to their house, they make up excuses like they have a roommate or live with their parents. My dear, they have no house for them to invite you to because they’re homeless. Your home is their home.

They start coming over without asking

It gets to a point where they come over without informing you. To them, it’s basically “going home”.  Before you know it, they’re asking for a key. Send that person back to the streets now!

The sex is mid

They don’t put in effort during sex because they don’t really like you. But sex is the only way you’ll allow them sleep over at your house, so they give you the best they can muster up. 

They always have some type of bag

Even when they tell you they don’t plan to sleep over (big lie), they always come with a bag. If you ask what’s inside, they’ll say, “Random stuff”. But somehow, they always have toiletries and clothes to wear the next day. 

They start to leave things behind 

They’ll play it off as “Oh, I forgot”, till you see half of their clothes and underwear in your closet. They’ve moved in, my dear, and you guys aren’t even dating. 

They’re around all the time 

You see them even on nights you just want to be by yourself. No way the sex is good enough for them to be in your house Monday to Sunday. 

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