Everyone knows literally everything that has to do with registration is an extreme sport in this country.

If you don’t agree, you’re not Nigerian.

For the first time in forever, Nigeria has made this one thing rather easy for us.

See it’s very okay to still be in doubt

Seriously, we all need to save this country and it’s easier now that getting your PVC is like ABC.

Pay attention

Note: if you have a valid voter’s registration from 2011, lucky you! you’re only reading this for one reason.

To let your friend’s know how easy it is.

This is your opportunity to take a day off work, because your right to vote is important.

Do I have your attention now?

Any time between 9am and 3pm from Monday to Friday is great. They’re not open on public holidays though.

See why you need that day off work? Your Oga has to understand.

You should carry your International passport or Birth Certificate or Driver’s licence.

In short just show them everything so they’d know you’re a real life person

Go to your nearest INEC registration centre, or go to your local government area, they will definitely have one.

Or you can stand on the road and say “excuse me ma, I’m looking for INEC”

Once you’re done, you’d get a TVC (Temporary Voter’s Card) slip. Don’t get it missing, you need it to get your PVC later.

That paper must not get lost oh.

You can try to ask the INEC person attending to you when your PVC will be ready.

“Sorry sir, when should I come back for my PVC?” They better know o.

Finally, Wait and pray, it could take a while.

But just like 6 months, nothing serious. At least you’ve done your part.

We made an even simpler and detailed guide here:

Just visit GetYourPVC.com.  Don’t forget to share!


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