If anyone ever tells you Abuja isn’t the Land of Wealth. Tell them they are lying.

Abuja is the land of everything. Every single thing. They can take it up with Buhari if they disagree.

If you ever decide to stop by in the big city or at least go for an excursion there.

You need to just take a glimpse of at least 2 of these places, else you haven’t been to Abuja

Let’s that with the most famous place in the whole of Abuja’s history. Zuma Rock. Please just do yourself a favour and climb with supervision.

Or else…

Whether you’re Muslim, Christian or even an Atheist, if you see the National Mosque and ignore its beauty…

…you are your own problem

Just after you pass by the mosque, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be tempted to stop by at the National Christian Centre.

That’s a whole tourist attraction on it’s own.

I don’t even know how to start talking about the Millenial Park. I mean, there are parks, and there are parks. This is one of those parks.

You will enter this place and forget your worries. Take my word for it.

If you are on this trip with your kids or a little sibling, you have to do them the favour of taking them to the National Children’s Park and Zoo.

You will just see that somehow they are more willing to clean your room for you.

While the kids are playing with animals, you can just quickly say hi to Buhari at the presidential villa. That’s if he hasn’t travelled.

But the presidential villa is just behind the zoo, so no worries. You wouldn’t have wasted too much time.

You wouldn’t want to go to Abuja and come back empty handed so you should probably stop by at the Abuja Art’s and Crafts Village.

You will find at least one thing that tickles your fancy. I promise you.

Now, if you want you and your kids to have a taste of Disneyland in Nigeria. Please just direct yourself to Wonderland Abuja.

That’s all I’m going to say.

If you leave Abuja without taking a trip down to Usuma Dam then can you even say you went to Abuja?

Just take a look at this beauty.

No mall in Nigeria comes close to Jabi Lake Mall.

Trust us there’s nothing you won’t find in this beautiful mall.

Our Abuja people, did we leave anywhere out? Share! Share! Share!



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