Lagos has been rated the third most stressful city in the entire world.

So if you live in Lagos and can still take out time to read this, you deserve a lot of accolades.

Lagos has pushed a lot of us to the edge at one point or another. We might have adapted or in the process of adaptation.

Whichever it is, here are some ways to know you have really had enough of this city.

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic that was literally on hold for hours, you would understand that patience is very important to maintain your sanity sometimes.

See, there’s levels to traffic in Lagos.

While you’re stuck in traffic, you turn on the radio just to hear some “wanna gonna”, while you strain your ears to catch up.

Accents are the only things distributed free of charge in this city.

But eating fantastic food at a low cost is an extreme sport in Lagos.

In summary, overpriced food is a trademark

If you happen to live on the island, rain is probably not your best friend. When it rains, it pours, and floods.

Even you will be flooded. This is when Lagos island turns into an actual island

Let’s focus on rent for a minute, from finding the house, to affording the bills, all I have to say is..

..In this Lagos if you want to enjoy, you just have to blow o

And then if you don’t own a car, transportation is an extreme sport in Lagos. I want to talk about the cost but I also want to talk about the stress of even getting buses itself.

Let’s just thank God we are alive

If you have not had an encounter or know someone that has had an encounter or heard stories about Sarz officials, do you even leave in Lagos?

If you see them, Just run.

We always wonder why there are so many people in Lagos or why so many plan to move here? Like why is Lagos so overpopulated?

But the real question is, why are you in Lagos? Just take a moment and ask yourself why you choose to continue suffering?


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