1. How people react when they hear your name the first time:

Their brain is already frying.

2. Your face, whenever someone tries to pronounce your name:


3. When someone asks if you have “an easier name”.

You will learn today.

4. You, calculating how much time you spend sounding out your name for people:

Wasting my life.

5. When you still have to spell it for them right after pronouncing it.


6. When people still get your name wrong after you’ve corrected them a million times.

Are you mad ni?

7. When people give you a nickname you hate against your will.

Did I send you?

8. When a teacher hesitates during roll call and you know they are about to destroy your name.

Hay God!

9. You, whenever someone says “sorry if I butcher your name”:

Save your sorry.

10. When they correct you when you say “Susan” wrong, but can’t get “Kunle” right.

See your life.

11. When you can’t even remember the true pronunciation of your own name again.

Everybody has already scattered it for you.

12. Your face, whenever someone asks what your name means:

You can like to mind your business.

13. When you stop telling people your name first and just start spelling it.

No energy, abeg.

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