1. When your’re so broke that your bank account starts making fun of you.

2. Some questions don’t even need answers, to be honest.

3. Can this happen like yesterday, please?

4. When the only money you have is dream money.

5. Fix it, Jesus.

6. Who is this one that wants to expose our yansh?

7. When your account needs divine intervention.

8. When just have to kill your inner fashionista, because no money.

9. We all need to learn from this genius.

10. When money is the only way to your heart.

11. Smile for what? Have you seen my account balance?

12. Bank account that cannot even support your love.

13. Touch the account so we know it’s real.

14. Not almost: we hear the cries loud and clear.

15. When your account balance is not balanced.



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