Yeah, it’s great to have New Year’s resolutions. But if you don’t have money, stay away from these particular ones. Simple.

A skincare routine

Your salary is ₦200k and your New Year’s resolution is to build a skincare routine? LOL. A good cleanser and moisturiser combo is at least ₦15k, and I’ve not even mentioned serum, sunscreen, face masks, etc. The worst part is these things come in tiny containers that don’t last more than two weeks. Just be ready to remove at least ₦50-100k from your account every month. 

Move out of your parents’ house 

Do you think people are moving back to their parents’ house because they miss their parents? Ask your friends who have moved out how they’re doing. 

Become more fashionable

Even if you say you’ll enter market and buy clothes, those ones too have started charging the same price as Instagram vendors. My good sis, just manage the clothes you have in your wardrobe for now. 

Go out more

If you’ve not figured out that outside is expensive, I don’t know what to tell you. The moment you step outside your house, the mighty spirit of billing will be waiting for you. If you plan to go out more this year, find a sponsor (AKA become a sugar baby). 

Fall in love 

If nobody told you, as someone who’s currently going through it, if you don’t have money, don’t enter a relationship. Are you ready to buy random “I love you” gifts, anniversary gifts, food, “Thinking about you” gifts, etc.? Davido knew what he was saying when he said, “When money enter, love is sweeter.”  

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Okay, I get it, you want to eat healthier this year. But do you know how expensive fruits and vegetables are? I bought one apple for ₦200 the other day, and I almost cried. If it’s a protein diet you want, sorry to you. Egg is now ₦100. Imagine how much chicken would be? 


Even if you get a scholarship for tution, do you have the money to actually leave the country to attend the school? Flight is nothing less than ₦800k, and visa application fees are about ₦300k. Do I need to go on? But what Nigeria cannot do doesn’t exist, so it’ll probably still frustrate you into finding a way to leave. 

Go to the gym 

Gyms these days are coming up with new ways to collect money from people every chance they get. Either they’re increasing subscription fees or making up new ones out of nowhere.  Just work out in your house.

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