You said “fuck the gym” because you wanted to do detty December. Now, the holiday is over and you have to face your demons AKA all the calories you gained in just two weeks. 

If you’re resuming the fitness lifestyle after being away for a while, you can relate to these struggles.

Locating the gym 

There’s a high chance you won’t remember where your gym is. You can’t even text your fitness trainer because you deleted their number from your phone when they were sending you reminders to come to the gym during the holidays. 


The body pain you’ll feel after your first day back at the gym, ehn? For every part of the body you move, you’ll feel pain. Is this gym even worth it sef? 

Remembering how to do the exercises 

Your trainer will tell you to do a side jack knife, and your head will start to hurt. Is that a real exercise or not? What the hell are cable chops? Let’s not even go into how your form will be completely shit for the first two days. 


You’ve gotten used to eating whatever you want at whatever time you like, and now, your trainer tells you to go back to the life of eating vegetables, intermittent fasting and staying away from alcohol. How are you supposed to do that? 

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The stamina of a 70-year-old 

You that they used to call “Treadmill Usain Bolt”. Two weeks away from the gym and you can’t even run at speed eight for ten minutes straight without panting like a dog in heat. 

Making it to the gym

You broke your daily routine of getting dressed and going to the gym. Now every day for the next two weeks, you’llspend a good 30 minutes convincing yourself why fitness is worth it. Your mates that aren’t going to the gym, did they die?  


After drinking, eating and sleeping the entire holiday, you expect to have added weight (If you’re one of those people who can eat without adding weight, please leave this place, mscheeew). But even with the expectation, you’ll still shed a few tears when you see the number on the scale. Now, you regret eating that plate of jollof rice at 2 a.m. Also, you’ll cry out of frustration because the weight won’t go in one day.

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