We’re not saying sleeping is wrong, we just think it’s a waste of precious time, so we’ve compiled a list of very fun things you can try instead.


While others sleep, you can stay up trying different food combos because there’s literally no one to judge you, and some foods are best enjoyed cold and in the middle of the night. For instance, eba and ogbono soup. 

Pro-tip: If you don’t have soup, you can try ketchup

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Booty calls

We know we don’t need to explain that there’ll be no sleeping involved here.

It’s even better when it’s someone else’s babe.

DM someone’s babe 

Prove to her that she deserves a lover that would be with her through the darkest hours. Yes, that saying literally means midnight.

Come back with testimony when they open the relationship for you.

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Practice your dance moves for when your enemies fail

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. So if you want to dance to victory, you might as well get good at it.

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Find the nearest coven and join

You can’t tell us you’ve never thought about this. Who knows, you might get appointed Evil Supreme Leader of the underworld, and that’s a big flex.  

Tweet “TL asleep?” and start dragging people online

You want to waste time sleeping when you could be giving unsolicited takes on issues you have absolutely no idea or experience of? Make it make sense, please.

Go for a run

We see this all the time in Hollywood movies, so why not? Just watch your back because we both know Nigeria is not the safest place at the moment.

Take Zikoko quizzes

How can you sleep without knowing what type of pepper you are? Or what you’ll be in your next life? Or even what political office you should hold?

Start a fight in your relationship

No one will accuse you of not trying to spice up the relationship. I mean, what’s better than being awake at night? Being awake with the love of your life. 

Apply for International jobs

You want to earn in dollars but you’re sleeping when your future employer is awake? 

My friend, better turn on your LinkedIn job alert and get serious with your future. It might not seem like fun now, but when you start seeing all that dollar in your account, it’s definitely going to be.

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