1. Milly Rock – The dance you have to do on every block.

2. Dabbing – The dance that had ben destroyed by humanity far and wide.

3. Nae-Nae – The cutest dance ever!

4. Jerk – The dance only “I Just Got Back” people were doing.

5. Crank That Soulja Boy – Some of us studied this dance like homework.

6. Azonto – The dance Nigerians stole from Ghanaians and then perfected.

7. Twerking – the dance Yoruba church aunties have been doing since time began.

8. The schmoney dance – Bobby Schmurda’s masterpiece.

9. The stanky leg – The dance that only makes sense if you have none!

10. Galala – The Nigerian two-step.

11. Shakitibobo – Olamide’s contribution to party lovers worldwide!

12. Shoki – The owambe favourite!

13. Makossa – The waist breaking dance.

14. Dutty Wine – Please make sure your wig is secure before attempting this one sha.

15. Lean Back – The laziest dance in the history of mankind!

16. Single Ladies – Beyonce’s lie-lie dance.

17. Alanta – The scariest looking dance in the world.

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