Nigerians often like to play it safe with food. The typical Nigerian would visit a foreign country only to ask for egusi soup. It’s time to stop that behaviour. We came up with these top ten food combinations you need to try out. Brethren, this life is too short to eat boring food.

1. Shawarma with ponmo slices.

Hear me out: if we can eat chicken shawarma and beef shawarma, then what’s stopping us from trying out ponmo shawarma? Besides, isn’t ponmo part of beef? You people just hate local content, that’s why you are discriminating against ponmo. Free yourself from discrimination, add ponmo to your shawarma today and live life.

2. Eba and ketchup.

The rationale behind this is simple. If we can eat tomato stew, why not tomato ketchup and eba? Ketchup is literally tomato stew with sugar, so what is stopping us from normalising it, especially on those nights when you wake up hungry and there is nothing at home. If you have ketchup, you can just make eba and eat both.

NB: This photo has plantain added.

3. Plantain and ice-cream.

If you have not tried this, I’m sorry for you oh. Sweetness overload.

4. Golden morn and stew.

The Yoruba part of me endorses this. I can’t eat something bland without adding a dash of pepper. Golden Morn isn’t exactly bland, but it’s too plain and sometimes, a little stew is what is needed for that extra oomph. You don’t have to try with stew on your first attempt. Start with stewed meat. Eat one spoon of Golden Morn and bite the meat. The next time you eat Golden Morn, you will be eager to try proper stew.

5. Gbegiri and bread.

Let me not even hear anybody shout. You people can eat bread and beans but bread and gbegiri is where you draw the line? Isn’t gbegiri beans soup? Please please please. So you can eat amala and beans but not bread and beans in soup form? Don’t vex me.

6. Baileys and cornflakes.

Alcoholics will love this one. And we give it to you.

7. Garri and milk with tomato slices.

It’s time to take your garri drinking to the next level. If you are worried that milk will make you add weight, that’s why the tomato slices are there: to help you diet.

8. Fried yam and ice cream.

I don’t have to preach about this for too long. The experience is in the taste. Try it and see that the Lord is good.

9. Garri and cake.

You can either cut your cake into bits and pour it into the garri, or you can bite the cake after each spoon of garri. Both ways work and are guaranteed to give you a throatgasm. I know, I’ve been there.

10. Semo and Milo.

If Semo porridge is your thing, then you will enjoy this immensely. Now, who do we have to talk to so we can sign these foods into the constitution?



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