GenZs hardly ever like anything or anybody, including their (millennial) siblings. They don’t think you’re cool or woke, so they don’t like you. If you have a GenZ sibling, let me tell you how to get on their good side. I’m speaking from experience. 

Record TikTok videos with them

You’ll have to sacrifice your millennial hips to do their trendy TikTok dances with them. Maybe they’ll pity you and give you the less complicated ones. 

Don’t comment on any of their social media accounts

You’re lucky that they allow you to follow them on social media sef, so don’t ruin it. Just look and pass when you see their posts. Hold yourself from dropping that “funny” comment. They’ll block you. 

Stay away from their love life 

I know you want to ask a million questions about that person your sibling is always video calling, but don’t. Don’t try to do, “I’m your older sibling. I need to protect you from people.” Just face front and mind your business. They’ll eventually tell you if they want to. 

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Don’t say “pim” about their fashion choices

Gen Z fashuonz is very unique. You may not understand what your sibling is wearing, or why, but don’t say anything. If not, they’ll drag you by saying “Okay boomer”. If you want them to like you, again, mind your business. 

At least try to listen to their music

It’s time to go and download trap and alté music onto your phone. Quick tip: trap musicians usually have “Lil” at the beginning of their names or “Baby” at the end. 

Learn their vocabulary

You need to know when to say insert GenZ lingo like “purr”, “period” and “it’s giving…” during the conversation. If not, they’ll think you’re boring and won’t like giving you gist. 

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Always have WiFi

If there’s one thing GenZs always do is look for where to charge their phone and ask for WiFi. Once you allow them to connect to your hotspot, you become their favourite person. 

Don’t call them too much

They don’t really like calls; they prefer texts. If you call them too much, you may get blocked. I’m not joking, this generation is brutal. 

Send them money 

In fact, if you don’t do anything else on this list, do this one consistently. They’ll love you for life. 

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